'If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded'
-Maya Angelou




'Love cures people; both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it'
-DR. Karl Menninger



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HUT America currently supports nearly 100 children HIV positive and orphaned due to HIV or other natural disasters, street children, and homeless orphans from birth through college age who live year-round on our campus at Perambalur, Tamilnadu India. The children between 2 - 15 years old are currently housed in the facility.

HUT America supports both individual children and sibling groups, who need and want to be together, providing opportunity for every child to learn traditional family values and to become responsible, caring adults. Each day is structured to provide a careful blend of education, work, family, fun and freedom - all the things a healthy child needs, including the incorporation of Biblical principles into every aspect of life.

It also extends counseling to the family of origin, foster care, and other family-related services that HUT India offers through its well-qualified, professional staff.

Whatever the length of stay or depth of need, HUT America is there to offer effective, healing help, so that these disadvantaged children can dare to hope, to dream, and to love again…...all because caring friends have chosen to participate in HUT America's mission, faithfully and lovingly providing financial support and volunteer help.

HUT America supports, through a 20 bedded hospital, services to HIV patients turning up with opportunistic infections, pain management, nursing care to relieve discomfort, joint stiffness, referral to antiretroviral drugs (all free of cost)to our out- patient, inpatient units at the HUT India campus.

Other services offered include provision of nutritionally balanced diet (free of cost) to the patients while under care and in the care center hospital for a period of 15 days of stay. In addition, we will also provide palliative care counseling for patient and family at end of life care, promotion of PLHA support group - forums for them to share their feelings, gain peer support and organize self help groups

2,650 HIV clients are registered with the hospital till date.

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Create a safe, loving homes for the AIDS infected, orphaned children, where each child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential in their personal, educational and emotional life.

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