'Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody'
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow







'An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves'
- Lydia M Child







'The bank of love is never bankrupt'
- Steve Maraboli







HUT India Orphanage
  Stories from children


The father of Kalyani passed away four years back. He had AIDS and died because he didn't have money to get food to support a proper treatment. Kalyani lived lived in a 6 by 6 ft hut with no roof, along with her mother, who also has AIDS, and two siblings Roja and Marimuthu. They lived in a in a small village where they have to walk 3kms to have any transportation, not connected with any other town or for any treatment where they have to travel 60kms to any hospital. At some point, Kalyani's mother decided to kill this kid, when she was three, as she also had AIDS and he had no hope what so ever to do with her.

HUT took up these three kids, when they were left on streets, when their mother remarried. They were beaten up by their mother, when she thought they were a hindrance to her new life. Her new husband later ran away with another woman, after which she became a commercial sex worker. She is in terminal stages of AIDS now and in our palliative care, counting her days.

Kalyani is now in third standard and very studious. She wants to become a teacher and would love to teach children like her. She is on regular treatment in our hospital and happy trying to forget the olden days of fear, abuse and hunger.


Soundarrajan was brought to our orphanage at the age of 4, when his mother who has AIDS, turned into a sex worker abandoning him. Her husband has passed away 5 years ago after a few months of coughing. Along with this mother, Sundarrajan lived in the porch of a neighbor's house where they shared the place with a goat. They didn't have money to rent a hut. He was diagnosed to be carrying the virus at his age of 7.

He is in 3rd standard and a happy kid now. He likes to play with other kids, watch movies and likes 'Nature walks'. He wants to become a policeman. His health is doing fine with timely treatment and care.


Vijay with his younger sister Vijayalaxmi lived with their uncle. Their father has passed away three years back with diarroea and vomiting and their mother a year ago with the same symptoms. Both of these kids have AIDS. A year ago, his aunt left their house with her kids, not willing to share the home with these two kids. When the two kids went to their grandmother she never let them inside the house. While at his uncles' home, Vijay and his sister had serious illnesses but never were taken to hospital before they came to HUT. His uncle decided to let them die finding difficult to put up with his wife.

Vijay has seen enough of life at the age of ten, having lost all loving beings around him. He doesn't want to visit any of his relatives any more, for any vacations. The saddest moment of his life was 6 months ago when he saw his sister vijayalaxmi, 6 years of age die in our hospital. She could have been saved if she had been picked and treated much earlier. She died of TB.

Vijay now studies V std. He is on anti retro viral treatment. He is one brilliant student and a good painter. He wants to pursue Medicine to be a doctor and says he will save the lives of many like his sister.

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